Lien Enforcement, Inc.

The Collection Service For Your Towing Business

Lien Enforcement, Inc. is a specialized collection agency that focuses exclusively on collecting deficient balances of lien sold vehicles for the towing industry.

Unlike conventional collection services, we have a calculated approach to managing the receivables process.  Our management team has over 25 years combined debt collection experience, specific to the towing industry with a proven track record of delivering measurable results.

Towing businesses that utilize Lien Enforcement, Inc., gain a trustworthy partner with unparalleled proficiency, profound industry-specific knowledge, and an unyielding focus on performance that has measurable results.

At Lien Enforcement, Inc., our staff is continuously trained with modern collection techniques to ensure we offer the highest standard of courtesy and professionalism possible, while maintaining consistent and reliable service.

We strive to provide a conscientious and ethical approach to collecting our Client’s deficient balances and follow with strict compliance, the statutes and regulations of the FDCPA, FCRA, and state laws, reassuring our Clients of our uncompromised integrity.


Lien Enforcement, Incorporated
PO Box 3000E
San Jose, CA 95156
(877) 757-2296
FAX (408) 380-8660

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